Engineer by training, Artist by world view…

I made a plan to “escape” corporate America…
After two decades as an electronics engineer and strategic marketing executive working in the semiconductor industry I made a plan to start my own business as a professional photographer. That decision and the subsequent cascade of exciting milestones has brought me to this point; proud owner of a successful studio, Vibrant Image, that creates outstanding content for clients, both large and small.

You have captured our campus with a fresh eye. We found ourselves asking “where was that taken?”. I am experiencing the personality of the institution with every image, perfect! We will look forward to working with you again.

Tammy Holden
Dir. of Creative Services, Fairmont State University

You always make my work look so good, but these latest photos are something else…incredible.

Terry Bachman
Owner, Tangram Woodworks

These photos are really outstanding!!! I know everyone will be VERY PLEASED. Thank you so much for making us look good.

Ann Townsell
Asst. Dir. of Publications, FSU

…you have made our pages come alive with color and depth and for that –on behalf of the tens of thousands of readers of Maryland Life — I thank you!

Dan Patrell
President, Great State Publishing

Not only do you do great work but your presentation of materials is very professional and easy to understand. Thanks for everything.

Nancy Giere
Owner, NGlassworks